S Briggs

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We report a case of acute neuropathy in a 46 year old female with porphyria variegata. Histologic, electron microscopic, and quantitative examinations of peripheral nerves were performed at onset of the neuropathy and at autopsy. The results revealed severe qualitative and quantitative changes in myelinated and unmyelinated fibers showing features(More)
  • F M Seifert, S Briggs, J Kellndorfer, D Hoekman
  • 2010
1. ABSTRACT The GEO Forest Carbon Tasks (GEO FCT) (http://portal.geo-fct.org) aims to demonstrate that coordinated Earth Observations can provide the basis for reliable information services of suitable consistency, accuracy and continuity to support Forest Carbon Tracking. It has been established to facilitate access to long-term satellite, airborne and in(More)
  • P Gibbons, J Doyle, S Briggs, Wil Allen, Tom Barrett, Mark Cameron +46 others
  • 2008
Acknowledgments Many people contributed to the development of BioMetric and this Operational Manual. In particular we thank David Parkes and associates whose vision and work over the past decade inspired the development of this Tool. Special thanks to all staff from DIPNR and CMAs involved in the PVP trials that provided invaluable feedback on earlier(More)
Introduction: Residual neuromuscular blockade contributes to postoperative morbidity and mortality, and is more common with long-acting non-depolarising muscle relaxants (NDMRs) such as pancuronium [1]. This phenomenon may be a common occurrence in 'fast-track' managed cardiac patients administered long-acting NDMRs. We examine the usage of NDMRs in cardiac(More)
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