S. Bontemps

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This paper received the Best Paper Award at PCIM 2008, sponsored by PEE. It describes experimental results concerning the ageing of 600V IGBTs under repetitive short circuit conditions. A critical energy, which is dependent on test conditions, has been already pointed out which separates two failure modes. The first, with a cumulative degradation effect,(More)
Revues internationales avec comité de lecture 2013 Chamoin, L., Desvillettes, L. Control of modeling errors in the coupling of linear transport and diffusion models. A first approach to characterize the surface integrity generated by ball-end finishing milling, A study of the effect of degradation of the aluminium metallization layer in the case of power(More)
L'amélioration de la tenue à la fatigue thermique des assemblages d'électronique de puissance à base d'alliages de brasage pour les applications transport (automobile, ferroviaire et aéronautique) est essentielle du fait de l'évolution vers de plus hautes températures de l'environnement de fonctionnement des modules de puissance. Depuis plusieurs années, le(More)
In order to accelerate the ageing of the metallization layer of power semiconductor devices, repetitive short circuit operations are applied to COOLMOS TM Transistors. Regularly, during repetition of short-circuit operations metallization is observed in a Scanning Electron Microscope which allows us to observe the process of cracking at the grain boundaries(More)
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