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Two designs (one rectangular, one elliptical) are proposed as efficient alternatives to noncylindrical birdcage RF coils. These designs are based on the slotted-tube resonator and their performance relies on the natural current distribution in the conductors due to the eddy current effects at high frequencies. A Finite element method program, solving the(More)
A numerical simulation of spin diffusion in inhomogeneous magnetic fields due to susceptibility contrast was developed to describe the transverse relaxation of fluids in porous media. The simulation results are in quantitative agreement with experimental measurements obtained on samples of simple geometry. They also confirm the interpretation of the 1H(More)
CPMG imaging is applied to the visualisation of porosity and wetting heterogeneities in water saturated sandstone samples at 0.1 T. Porosity profiles from NMR imaging are in agreement within 1% with the standard core analysis. T2 calculated profiles show a factor greater than two between water-wet and oil-wet samples; thus, wettability contrast can be(More)
Measurements were performed on reference samples (D2O-H2O mixtures) and on highly heterogeneous rocks (Vosges sandstone) with a new logging tool designed to give access to a high spatial resolution, below 1.5 cm on the vertical scale, for a toroidal sensitive volume of 20 cm3. The results were compared to measurements obtained on a clinical magnetic(More)
MRI is applied to the visualisation of wetting heterogeneities evidenced by water proton T1 contrast at 0.1 T. Water saturated Fontainebleau sandstone samples were examined either in their original water-wet condition, or after silanation. T1, T2Hahn, and T2CPMG were measured for several porosities. T1 and T2CPMG of hydrophobic samples are both twice longer(More)
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