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OBJECTIVE Primary: To determine the incidence of congenital malaria in a cohort of pregnant women in a hyper-endemic area of central India. Secondary: (1) To find out the placental weight and placental malaria positivity, and to assess fetal and neonatal outcome in terms of survival, mean hemoglobin and mean birth weight. DESIGN Prospective observational(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the co morbidities in hospitalized children with severe acute malnourishment. METHODS 104 severe acute malnourished children were included. RESULTS 54% had diarrhea and 27.8% had acute respiratory tract infections. Tuberculosis was diagnosed in 22% of cases (60.8% cases in children 6-12 mo old). Malaria and Measles were diagnosed in(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the efficacy of anti-scorpion venom plus prazocin. METHODS Comparison of clinical features, outcome and duration of stay between children receiving anti-scorpion venom plus prazocin or prazocin alone for management of red scorpion envenomation. RESULTS Requirement for dopamine and requirement and duration of dobutamine therapy were(More)
Moro response in healthy term newborns were studied to determine latency interval, time taken for optimal response (embracing movement of arms), and total duration of reflex response. Latency interval for onset of response was 0.41-0.49. Time taken for optimal response was 0.910-1.041s. Total duration of Moro response was 2.34 -2.59 s. Values were similar(More)
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