S. Biesemans

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Ultra-scaled FinFET transistors bear unique fingerprint-like device-to-device differences attributed to random single impurities. Through correlation of experimental data with multimillion atom simulations in NEMO 3-D, we can identify the impurity's chemical species and determine their concentration, local electric field and depth below the Si/SiO 2(More)
We report the observation of lifetime-enhanced transport (LET) based on perpendicular valleys in silicon by transport spectroscopy measurements of a two-electron system in a silicon transistor. The LET is manifested as a peculiar current step in the stability diagram due to a forbidden transition between an excited state and any of the lower energy states(More)
Channel conductance measurements can be used as a tool to study thermally activated electron transport in the sub-threshold region of state-of-art FinFETs. Together with theoretical Tight-Binding (TB) calculations, this technique can be used to understand the evolution of source-to-channel barrier height (E b) and of active channel area (S) with gate bias(More)
—For the first time, we demonstrate experimentally that by using HfLaO high-κ gate dielectric, the flat-band voltage (V fb) and the threshold voltage (V th) of metal-electrode-gated MOS devices can be tuned effectively in a wide range (wider than that from the Si-conduction band edge to the Si-valence band edge) after a 1000-• C annealing required by a(More)
The presence of interface states at the MOS interface is a well-known cause of device degradation. This is particularly true for ultra-scaled FinFET geometries where the presence of a few traps can strongly influence device behavior. Typical methods for interface trap density (Dit) measurements are not performed on ultimate devices, but on custom designed(More)
—Thermally activated subthreshold transport has been investigated in undoped triple-gate MOSFETs. The evolution of the barrier height and of the active cross-sectional area of the channel as a function of gate voltage has been determined. The results of our experiments and of the tight-binding simulations we have developed are both in good agreement with(More)
Sub-threshold study of undoped trigate nFinFET" (2010). Birck and NCN Publications. Paper 596. a b s t r a c t Modern MOSFET devices with undoped channel have a non-trivial current distribution, which is gate voltage dependent. In our work we have studied the sub-threshold behavior of undoped triple gate MOSFETs (FinFETs) using a thermionic transport model.(More)
— Current semiconductor devices have been scaled to such dimensions that we need take atomistic approach to understand their operation for nano-electronics. From a bottoms-up perspective, the smallest functional element within a nano-device would be a single (dopant) atom itself. Control and understanding over the eigenenergies and wavefunctions of a single(More)
—This study describes a 12-bit, 4K2K 60-fps CMOS image sensor capable of reducing the pixel readout rate without degrading resolution of the output images. The data reduction is done by a novel " stagger-laced " scan, which reduces the data rate by half by alternate readout of two sets of horizontal pixel pairs arranged in two complementary checkerboard(More)