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AIMS To establish whether there is a difference in recovery of salivary function with bilateral superficial lobe parotid-sparing intensity-modulated radiotherapy (BSLPS-IMRT) versus contralateral parotid-sparing IMRT (CLPS-IMRT) in patients with locally advanced head and neck squamous cell cancers. MATERIALS AND METHODS A dosimetric analysis was carried(More)
This is the official guideline endorsed by the specialty associations involved in the care of head and neck cancer patients in the UK. It discusses the evidence base pertaining to the management of metastatic neck disease in the setting of an unknown primary and provides recommendations on the work up and management for this group of patients receiving(More)
Yoshida ascites cells in doses of 10(3)X300, 500, 1500, and 3000 cells per animal were injected into the wall of the descending colon of 10 male Sprague-Dawley rats each. Doses of 10(3)X1500 cells and more per animal yielded a 100% rate of take-up of the graft. Whereas untreated control animals died medianly after 17 days, a single i.p. application of 70(More)
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