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This paper describes solute transport modeling carried out as a part of an assessment of the long-term radiological safety of a planned deep rock repository for spent nuclear fuel in Forsmark, Sweden. Specifically, it presents transport modeling performed to locate and describe discharge areas for groundwater potentially carrying radionuclides from the(More)
This paper presents an analysis of present and future hydrological conditions at the Forsmark site in Sweden, which has been proposed as the site for a geological repository for spent nuclear fuel. Forsmark is a coastal site that changes in response to shoreline displacement. In the considered time frame (until year 10 000 AD), the hydrological system will(More)
Scenarios of barrier failure and radionuclide release to the near-surface environment are important to consider within performance and safety assessments of repositories for nuclear waste. A geological repository for spent nuclear fuel is planned at Forsmark, Sweden. Conceptual and numerical reactive transport models were developed in order to assess the(More)
The FERMl system, performing acquisition and DSP of calorimeter data in high energy collision experiments, planned at the LHC collider (CEW, Geneva, CH) is briefly overviewed. The system relies mainly upon the FERMI module, a dedicated VLSI multi-chip device per orming immediate neighbourhood of the collider itserJ; requiring rad-hard features. The issues(More)
A study of high energy muons traversing the ATLAS hadron Tile calorimeter in the barrel region in the energy range between 10 and 300 GeV is presented. Both test beam experimental data and Monte Carlo simulations are given and show good agreement. The Tile calorimeter capability of detecting isolated muons over the above energy range is demonstrated. A(More)
Students of mass electoral behaviour have often argued that the bulk of the voters do not seem to respond strongly to the topical issues of the day, but continue voting according to long-established patterns. ‘Critical elections’ marked by particularly intense contestation, a jump in turnout, and a sudden change in what kind of opinions and group identities(More)
Planning and license applications concerning groundwater diversion in areas containing water-dependent or water-favored habitats must take into account both hydrological effects and associated ecological consequences. There is at present no established methodology to assess such ecohydrological responses. Thus, this paper describes a new stepwise(More)
Safety assessment related to the siting of a geological repository for spent nuclear fuel deep in the bedrock requires identification of potential flow paths and the associated travel times for radionuclides originating at repository depth. Using the Laxemar candidate site in Sweden as a case study, this paper describes modeling methodology, data(More)
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