S. Ben Slimane

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We investigate a multi-rate receiver utilizing soft feedback successive interference cancellation. To be able to meet the QoS requirements for each user, the multiuser detection is done in conjunction with power control. For this, we introduce a power control scheme that takes into account the respective QoS requirements and the impact of imperfect(More)
Successive interference cancellation techniques have the potential to reduce the interference and therefore increase the capacity of cellular radio systems. In this work, we analyze a linear DS-CDMA receiver utilizing soft feedback interference cancellation. To be able to meet diverse QoS requirements, we introduce a power control scheme that takes into(More)
A simple approximation for the symmetric capacity of Rayleigh fading channels with finite input alphabet and ideal channel state information is proposed in this letter. This approximation is quite tight over all SNR ranges and can be considered as a good alternative for estimating the symmetric channel capacity for both AWGN and Rayleigh fading channels.
Wireless communications are experiencing a great increasing demand, both user and bandwidth capacity. The efficiency in the resource management and usage will be a dramatically important issue since spectrum and power is a scarce resource, even more in the wireless environment. Under these circumstances, adaptive resource management will lead to high(More)
  • Loyola eCommons, S. Ben Slimane, Moez Ben Tahar, Sarra BEN SLIAMNE, Moez BEN TAHAR, Zied ESSID
  • 2011
Voices were raised calling again public authorities to resort to an active fiscal policy to help the central banks to avoid that the economic activity slows down. Once more, the role that has to play the fiscal policy in the management of the business cycle, been the object of an animated debate and several questions arise: are the discretionary measures(More)
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