S Behin-Ain

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A time-resolved indeterministic Monte Carlo (IMC) simulation technique is proposed for the efficient construction of the early part of the temporal point spread function (TPSF) of visible or near infrared photons transmitted through an optically thick scattering medium. By assuming a detected photon is a superposition of photon components, the photon is(More)
The spatial resolution achievable in time-resolved optical transillumination imaging through a turbid (scattering and absorbing) medium has been reassessed theoretically. The temporal point spread function was constructed assuming a delta function input pulse, a approximately 50 mm thick medium and a small detector with zero risetime. Temporal profiles were(More)
First photon detection, as a special case of time-resolved transillumination imaging, is studied through the derivation of the temporal probability density function (pdf) for the first arriving photon. The pdf for different laser intensities, media and second and later arriving photons were generated. The arrival time of the first detected photon reduced as(More)
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