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Ligamentous lesions were created experimentally in 40 fresh cadaver wrists. The precise localization of traumatic rupture of the ligaments and the subsequent carpal imbalance were defined by the comparison between the experimental results and the clinical displacements. The displacements may be permanent, sequential or induced by external forces. Lesions of(More)
The volar fascicles of the interosseous muscles possess two separate components: the proximal and glenoidal one, the distal and aponeurotic other. The armature of the dorsal aponeurosis is constituted the deep, the central and the collateral expansions of the extensor digitorum muscles, and the interosseous muscles, whom are added the lumbrical muscles. The(More)
The physiopathology of the main deformities of the fingers, induced by the injury of the dorsal aponeurosis of the fingers, is caused by an imbalance of forces: proximally between extrinsic and intrinsic muscles; distally between central and collateral structures. The ulna Claw, caused by the whole paralysis of the intrinsic muscles, can be corrected by an(More)
The putting in tension of the dorsal aponeurosis of the digits induces its retraction and the nearness of its insertions on the basis of the 3 phalanges. It depends on the extensor digitorum, interosseous and lumbrical muscles. The aponeurosis is not a single driving belt, but set off in itself 3 types of reaction: 1) The gliding on the sides of the(More)
The study of the extensor apparatus through different methods concerns 200 fingers, the most of fresh cadavers. The dissection through direct observation or with surgical microscope of the dorsal aponeurosis of 30 fingers has been completed by an histological study of 10 fingers. The mechanic properties of each dorsal aponeurotic structure has been tested(More)
Recapitulation of the principal stages concerning the descriptive and the functional anatomy of the extensor apparatus of the ulnar digits. They can be written in the following frame: The Gálien's theories of the exclusive role of the extensor digitorum muscles prevail during more as a millenium. The indispensable conjoined action of the interosseus muscles(More)
The supracondylar process in an osseous spur located above the medial condyle of the humerus. It may be responsible for compression of the median, as well as the ulnar, nerves. Diagnostic must be directed in this direction whenever a deficit is found in the nerve distribution territory of one of these nerves.
The experiment was designed to study: 1) the reliability of an electrostimulator; 2) the possibility of internal fixation. The experimental animal was the dog, which was observed for 15 to 45 days. It appears possible to associate internal fixation and electrostimulation under certain conditions.
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