S. Barron

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A patient with continuous muscle fiber activity is described. From our search of the literature, we believe this is the oldest patient with a reported case of this disorder, and the symptoms and treatment varied from previously reported cases in these respects: symptoms remained confined to the lower extremities after 18 months had elapsed, there was no(More)
Defective pursuit eye movements were recorded by electrooculography (EOG) in 11 of 18 patients (61%) with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Pursuit defects consisted of a breakdown of smooth tracking into saccadic motions that were grossly in excess (frequencies and amplitudes) of saccadic interruptions of pursuit in normal subjects. In nine patients,(More)
One hundred thirty-five normal volunteers were examined by computerized tomography (CT) and their ventricular size was measured by planimetry. A pattern of change in ventricular size from the first through the ninth decades was discerned and quantified. A gradually progressive increase in ventricular size from the first through sixth decades was followed by(More)
In order to study the possible etiologic role of lead in human motor neuron disease we produced chronic lead intoxication in the chicken by daily administration of lead acetate. Control animals received sodium acetate. During life, periodic measurements were made of motor function, motor nerve conduction velocity and response amplitude. After sacrifice,(More)
In one hundred subjects with diabetes mellitus assessed by the techniques of power spectral analysis of heart rate variability and heart rate variability during deep breathing, parasympathetic (vagal) cardiac denervation was shown to occur approximately twice as commonly as parasympathetic pupillary denervation measured by the maximal velocity of pupillary(More)
The effects of early ischemia were studied in the anterior tibial muscle of Sprague-Dawley rats after 2--24 hr of tourniquet compression at the thigh. Ragged-red fibers, moth-eaten fibers, cores and targets were seen in tissue examined by enzyme histochemistry and electron microscopy. Giant mitochondria, abnormalities of cristal arrangement, crystalloids,(More)