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The binding of omega-conotoxin to isolated rat neurohypophysial nerve terminals, its effect on the depolarization-induced increase of cytoplasmic Ca2+ and on the potassium and electrically-induced release of vasopressin (AVP) have been studied. The results show that isolated neurosecretory nerve endings have calcium channels with a high affinity for(More)
Recovery of normal Na and K contents of perfused and procaine arrested rat ventricules occurs with a rate constant of 0.109 mn-1 (i.e. 60% of restoration is achieved in 7.5 mn) after a 45 mn arrest of active transport produced by perfusion with a K free Krebs-Henseleit solution. Active Na efflux is nearly equal to K influx. Peak Na Efflux is estimated to be(More)
In the presence of ruthenium red (R.R.) (0.1 and 1 mM), the kinetics of K losses during K-free perfusion of Langendorff perfused rat hearts is modified and the Ca overload produced by K-free perfusion is reduced by 40%. R.R. enhances the K loss rate increase which is Ca-dependent (the "hump") whereas it reduces the K loss rates in the phase preceding the(More)
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