S. Baldissini

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The generation of digital 3D models of archaeological finds can be followed by further products, applications and studies such as a semantic classification in order to organize the digitally documented finds and provide connections between 3D models and databases. In this contribution we present a methodology developed to assist the superintendence of(More)
This paper describes a web-based information system designed with the aim to make available on a 3D GIS platform reality-based 3D models representing archaeological finds at an architectural scale. In wide and complex archaeological sites, different artifacts need to be modeled by different operators, using different methodologies and technologies, working(More)
This article describes the evolution of an information system (IS) of Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio di Vicenza and the related interfaces from the first standalone on a CD-ROM system to the current web-based and georeferenced solution. The goal of these ISs was manifold: the dissemination, study, and analysis of(More)
In this paper we present an integrated system developed in order to record, construct, pre-process, manage, visualize and visually navigate 3D models reality based of large archeological and architectural sites for eHeritage GIS systems. The framework integrates structured geometrical and documentary information resulting from multiple sources with the aim(More)
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