S. Balakrishna Pai

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Aggressive surgical resection is the primary therapy for glioma. However, aggressive resection may compromise functional healthy brain tissue. Currently, there are no objective cues for surgeons to distinguish healthy tissue from tumor and determine tumor borders; surgeons skillfully rely on subjective means such as tactile feedback. This often results in(More)
Insulin is an important agent for the treatment of diabetes mellitus (DM). Allergic reactions to insulin therapy, although rare, have been evident since animal insulin became available for the treatment of DM in 1922. Hypersensitivity to insulin has considerably been reduced with the introduction of human insulin produced by recombinant deoxyribonucleic(More)
Stem cells are a promising source for cell replacement therapy for several degenerative conditions. However, a number of limitations such as low cell survival, uncontrolled and/or low differentiation, induction of host immune response, and the risk of teratoma formation remain as challenges. In this review, we explore the utility of hydrogels as carriers(More)
The tracheal epithelium of the Fischer 344 rat is histologically very similar to that of the human bronchus. Also, carcinomas of tracheal origin in F-344 rats are similar in morphology to human bronchogenic carcinomas. Tumor promotion in rat tracheal epithelium was studied by using two model systems. The first is a heterotopic transplant system in which rat(More)
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