S. Bahgat

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The last decade has seen increasing interest in techniques for the enhancement of digital speech signals. Significant gains have been made in terms of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and quality, but few techniques have produced improvements in intelligibility. A method for speech enhancement based on nonlinear expansion of the spectral envelope is presented.(More)
—Biometric authentication technology identifies people by their unique biological information. An account holder's body characteristics or behaviors are registered in a database and then compared with others who may try to access that account to see if the attempt is legitimate. Since veins are internal to the human body, its information is hard to(More)
  • S F Bahgat, S Ghomiemy, S Aljahdali, M Alotaibi
  • 2012
— Optical character recognition systems improve human-machine interaction and are urgently required for many governmental and commercial departments. A considerable progress in the recognition techniques of Latin and Chinese characters has been achieved. By contrast, Arabic Optical Character Recognition (AOCR) is still lagging although the interest and(More)
QoS is a very important issue for multimedia communication systems. In this paper, a new system that reinstalls the relation between the QoS elements (RSVP, routing protocol, sender, and receiver) during the multimedia transmission is proposed, then an alternative path is created in case of original multimedia path failure. The suggested system considers(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the study reported here was to evaluate the performance of a self-adhesive flowable composite and two self-etching adhesive systems, when subjected to cyclic loading, in preventing the nanoleakage of Class V restorations. METHODS Wedge-shape Class V cavities were prepared (4×2×2 mm [length × width × depth]) on the buccal surfaces of(More)
  • Mohamed A El-Sayed, S F Bahgat, S Abdel-Khalek
  • 2013
Many persons can easily access their information anytime and anywhere through its network society which spread in the world. On the other side, there is a very risk on this information, because of legitimate users and quacks, who are trying to seize the information. The passwords and numbers can be guessed or forgotten. Also, Personal Identification Numbers(More)
TV image is a subject of increasing interest due to the progress of the new technologies and fabrication of high resolution long range and fast microprocessors. A new technique for TV image tracking; advanced predicted window technique (APWT), is proposed. In this technique the tracking window is positioned at an advanced (predicted) position of the target(More)
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