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Phase synchronization between the firing of the crayfish caudal photoreceptor (CPR) and an applied periodic hydrodynamic stimulus is investigated. It is shown that the CPR firing synchronizes with a periodic stimulus over a range of frequencies corresponding to the known sensitivity range of the crayfish to hydrodynamic stimuli. This synchronization is(More)
There are considerable differences in tumour biology between adult and paediatric cancers. The existence of cancer initiating cells/cancer stem cells (CIC/CSC) in paediatric solid tumours is currently unclear. Here, we show the successful propagation of primary human Wilms' tumour (WT), a common paediatric renal malignancy, in immunodeficient mice,(More)
Although its primary function is monovalent anion exchange, the band 3 protein also cotransports divalent anions together with protons at low pH. The putative proton binding site, Glu-681 in human erythrocyte band 3, is conserved throughout the anion exchanger family (AE family). To determine whether or not the monovalent anion binding site is located near(More)
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