S. Baccaro

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Avalanche photodiodes will be used to detect scintillation light from PbWO 4 crystals in the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter. Properties of Hamamatsu APD are reported and special attention has been devoted to the study of radiation hardness and room temperature annealing. We found a fast recovery with a time constant of 1.3 days, a medium fast recovery with(More)
This note reports the work carried out in order to determine the optical properties of PbWO 4 crystals. We performed transmission and reflectance measurements at normal incidence in the range 320-850 nm with polarised light and measurements of the separation angle γ between the ordinary and extraordinary rays with laser beam in the wavelength range(More)
The energy resolution of the barrel part of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter has been studied using electrons of 20 to 250 GeV in a test beam. The incident electron's energy was reconstructed by summing the energy measured in arrays of 3×3 or 5×5 channels. There was no significant amount of correlated noise observed within these arrays. For electrons(More)
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