S. B. Sinha

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There he worked on a prototype for an electrical circuit used to simulate time interval measurement circuits. were used extensively in conducting this research. iii for my family and friends… for their love and support throughout my life iv Acknowledgements I must first and foremost thank my thesis advisor, Dr. David J. Goodman, who was most responsible for(More)
We report the response to risperidone in seven hospitalized, adult patients who presented psychotic symptoms etiologically related to a general medical condition. The conditions included brain surgery in two, and anticardiolipin syndrome, renal failure, epilepsy, lupus, and metastatic carcinoma in one each. Four patients had failed previous treatment with(More)
High-resolution brain SPECT is increasingly benefiting from improved image processing software and multiple complementary display capabilities. This enables detailed functional mapping of the disturbances in relative perfusion occurring after TBI. The patient population consisted of 26 cases (ages 8-61 years)between 3 months and 6 years after traumatic(More)
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