S B Reeder

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Introduction: Balanced steady-state free precession (SSFP) is a rapid, short TR imaging technique well suited for cardiac imaging because of its high SNR and excellent blood-myocardial contrast (1,2). However, SSFP is limited by the fact that water and fat both appear bright and are difficult to distinguish, possibly obscuring underlying pathology. A(More)
Introduction: The three point Dixon technique (1, 2) can provide excellent separation of fat and water signals. This has a variety of potential applications, such as identification of fatty deposits in the liver. However, application of the technique to abdominal imaging has been severely limited by the requirement that three images, each with a different(More)
Accurate, noninvasive measurements of liver fat content are needed for the early diagnosis and quantitative staging of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. Chemical shift-based fat quantification methods acquire images at multiple echo times using a multiecho spoiled gradient echo sequence, and provide fat fraction measurements through postprocessing. However,(More)
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