S. B. Oseroff

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The T -dependence (2400 K) of the electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), magnetic susceptibility, χ(T ), and specific heat, Cv(T ), of the normal antiferromagnetic (AFM) spinel ZnCr2O4 and the spin-glass (SG) Zn1−xCdxCr2O4 (x = 0.05, 0.10) is reported. These systems behave as a strongly frustrated AFM and SG with TN ≈ TG ≈ 12 K and −400 K & ΘCW & −500 K. At(More)
Electron paramagnetic resonance ~EPR!, Raman scattering, and neutronand x-ray-diffraction experiments were performed in polycrystalline samples of La2Ni0.5Li0.5O4 as a function of temperature. Structural studies confirm a partial cation ordering of Ni and Li at the metal sites. As the temperature decreases, EPR measurements show an increasing g-value(More)
Magnetic susceptibility and electron spin resonance experiments in the rare earth (R5Nd, Er, and Yb! 5 –25% doped cubic intermetallic LuInNi4 enable estimates of the fourth A4 and sixth A6 order crystal-field parameters for this compound. These parameters yield a G6 doublet, a G7 doublet, and a G8 quartet as the ground states for Nd, Er, and Yb,(More)
Amorphous and crystalline thin films of Mn-doped (0.5%-10%) GaAs and crystalline thin films of Zn<sub>1-x</sub>Co<sub>x</sub>O(x= 3%-20%) were investigated by means of magnetic susceptibility and electron spin resonance (ESR). For the Mn-doped GaAs samples, our results show the absence of ferromagnetic ordering for the amorphous films in the 300&gt;T&gt;2 K(More)
The angular dependence of the coercive field, H,, is often compared to models of magnetization reversal mechanisms, such as coherent rotation or curling. In our previous studies we have shown that the H, that one measures is reduced by the effect of thermally activated magnetic reversals, and depends on the sweep rate, for continous field sweeps, or on the(More)
(1) S. Gallo, J. Barnett, D. Rao, D. Haran, F. Wright, R . Lilly and S. Oseroff (2) 2 . Fisk, J. Thompson, S. Cheong and S. Brown ( 3 ) D.Vier and S. Schultz (4) M. Tovar and A. Fainstein (1) San Diego State University, San Diego, California 92182, USA (2) Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545, USA (3) University of California, San(More)
Magnetic susceptibility and electron spin resonance (ESR) in different classes of ferromagnetic thin films were reported. Amorphous and crystalline thin films of Mn-doped GaAs and GaN were studied for different Mn concentrations (0.5 -10%) and for hydrogenated films with the same Mn concentrations. The films have been deposited using pulsed laser deposition(More)
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