S B Messer

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The relationship of conceptual tempo to fantasy and overt aggression and its control was examined in order to test the generalizability of this cognitive style to domains of social and personality functioning. Fifth-grade boys and girls were administered the Matching Familiar Figures Test and a projective measure of fantasy aggression and its control and(More)
The present study explored sex differences in children's expression and control of fantasy and overt aggression. Fifth-grade boys and girls were presented a TAT-like projective test to measure fantasy aggression and controls over aggression. Overt peer-oriented aggression was measured by peer and teacher ratings. Results indicated that boys were rated more(More)
Examined critically studies that claim that internals are more successful in nondirective therapy and externals in directive therapy. Deficiencies in the design, statistical analysis, and outcome measures employed in these studies led to the conclusion that only slim support exists currently for the interaction hypothesis. Rotter's (1975) discussion of(More)
The goals of this paper are (a) to demonstrate how study of the therapeutic alliance in single cases of psychodynamic therapy can exemplify and instantiate theoretical concepts and lead to the development or refinement of psychotherapy theory, research and practice, as illustrated in the case of Ron and in Hans Strupp's classic analyses of pairs of(More)
This study examined the process of brief psychodynamic therapy in a way that preserved the context of the dialogue between therapist and patient. Data were drawn from transcripts of the complete therapies of 2 anxious and depressed women, which lasted 16 to 17 sessions. Patient utterances were rated on a psychodynamically oriented progress-stagnation scale,(More)