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In the framework of the EU BIOTECH PROGRAM and within the 'MITBASE: a comprehensive and integrated database on mtDNA' project, we have prepared a pilot database (MitBASE Pilot) on nuclear genes involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and its regulation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. MitBASE Pilot includes nuclear genes encoding mitochondrial proteins as well as(More)
The underlying disease mechanisms for feline degenerative joint disease (DJD) are mostly unidentified. Today, most of what is published on mammalian arthritis is based on human clinical findings or on mammalian models of human arthritis. However, DJD is a common occurrence in the millions of domestic felines worldwide. To get a better understanding of the(More)
The feline genome is valuable to the veterinary and model organism genomics communities because the cat is an obligate carnivore and a model for endangered felids. The initial public release of the Felis catus genome assembly provided a framework for investigating the genomic basis of feline biology. However, the entire set of protein coding genes has not(More)
Human MitBASE is a database collecting human mtDNA variants. This database is part of a greater mitochondrial genome database (MitBASE) funded within the EU Biotech Program. The present paper reports the recent improvements in data structure, data quality and data quantity. As far as the database structure is concerned it is now fully designed and(More)
Vertebrate MitBASE is a specialized database where all the vertebrate mitochondrial DNA entries from primary databases are collected, revised and integrated with new information emerging from the literature. Variant sequences are also analyzed, aligned and linked to reference sequences. Data related to the same species and fragment can be viewed over the(More)
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