S. B. Mahalakshmi

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DNA cryptography is a new area of research in cryptographic field. In this DNA component is used as the information carrier. Most of the encryption techniques based on the cellular automata have limitations. To overcome this lacuna, we propose a novel DNA cryptography algorithm with cellular automata to achieve randomness, parallelism, uniformity,(More)
This paper presents a novel general method for computing optimal motions of an industrial robot manipulator (7 dof seriel link robot). The optimization model considers the nonlinear manipulator dynamics, actuator constraints and joint limits. The problem has 2 objective functions, 147 variables and 42 constraints. Fuzzy enhanced advanced Genetic Algorithm(More)
In computer vision robust motion tracking became challenging task due to its uncertainty. Conventional method proposed for motion tracking suffer from well-known local trap problem & poor convergence rate.so we propose novel sampling based tracking for motion in Bayesian filtering. Adaptive estimation of filtering distribution is estimated when sampling(More)
A simple optimum voltage control method is proposed in this paper for three phase uninterruptible power supply systems based on fuzzy control. Moreover, the optimal load current observer is employed to optimize system cost and reliability. The previous term is designed to make the system errors converge to zero, whereas the latter term is applied to(More)
In recent years, social media have emerged as major platform for sharing information in medical field. Twitter is used as a prominent social media to share their experience based on drugs and disease. These experiences are mined, extracted and analyzed can be converted into drugs or service improvement based on observations derived from user behavior. The(More)
The proposed method is based on minimum-cost maximum-flow formulation to globally determine the tree topology, which maintains load balance and considers the wirelength between pulse generators and pulsed latches. Experimental results indicate that the proposed migration approach can improve the power consumption by 12% and 13% with 7% and 70% skew(More)
ARTICLE INFO In digital signal processing we use delayed least mean square adaptive filter is used to find the lower adaptation delay and area –delay-power efficient architecture which uses the novel partial product generator. The proposed system optimizes the balanced pipelining across the time consuming combinational blocks of the structure. The objective(More)
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