S B M Ewalds-Kvist

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We examined: (a) the response to bidirectional selection for open-field (OF) thigmotaxis in mice for 23 generations and (b) the effects of repeated exposure (during 5 days) on different OF behaviors in the selectively bred high OF thigmotaxis (HOFT) and low OF thigmotaxis (LOFT) mice. A total of 2049 mice were used in the study. Prior to the testing in the(More)
Sex differences in strategies of coping with novel situations were studied in three strains of mice with regard to metabolism and open-field and maze activity as well as learning-induced adjustment. The 140 mice were selectively bred for high (Turku Aggressive [TA]) and low (Turku Nonaggressive [TNA]) levels of aggressiveness and originated from a Swiss(More)
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