S. B. Leble

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The system of hydrodynamic-type equations for a stratified gas in gravity field is derived from BGK equation by method of piecewise continuous distribution function. The obtained system of the equations generalizes the Navier–Stokes one at arbitrary Knudsen numbers. The problem of a wave disturbance propagation in a rarefied gas is explored. The(More)
Wave disturbances of a stratified gas are studied. The description is built on a basis of the Bhatnagar – Gross – Krook (BGK) kinetic equation which is reduced down the level of fluid mechanics. The double momenta set is introduced inside a scheme of iterations of the equations operators, dividing the velocity space along and opposite gravity field(More)
The method of zero-range potentials is generalized to account for the molecular electron excitation process. It is made by a matrix formulation in which a state vector components are associated with a scattering channel. The multi-center target is considered and the model is applied to the example of e + H 2 low energy scattering. The results of evaluation(More)
A dressing technique is used to improve zero range potential (ZRP) model. We consider a Darboux transformation starting with a ZRP, the result of the " dressing " gives a potential with non-zero range that depends on a seed solution parameters. Concepts of the partial waves and partial phases for non-spherical potential are used in order to perform Darboux(More)
We consider Euler equations with stratified background state that is valid for internal water waves. The solution of the initial-boundary problem for Boussinesq approximation in the waveguide mode is presented in terms of the stream function. The orthogonal eigenfunctions describe a vertical shape of the internal wave modes and satisfy a Sturm-Liouville(More)
In this paper we study a propagation of nonlinear helicoidal wave in plasma. We consider the hydrodynamic approximation of a single ion (electron) plasma. In this approximation, one of the main plasma parameters, Knudsen number, is much smaller than one (Kn Lt 1) so the length of free path of plasma particles is negligible compared to the space scale of the(More)
A dressing of a nonspherical potential, which includes n zero range potentials, is considered. The dressing technique is used to improve ZRP model. Concepts of the partial waves and partial phases for non-spherical potential are used in order to perform Darboux transformation. The problem of scattering on the regular X n and YX n structures is studied. The(More)
Projecting to orthogonal function basis allow us to derive (without averaging across the fiber as e.g. in Kodama, Y., & Hasegawa, A., 1981, Proc. IEEE Vol. 69, pp. 1445.) coupled nonlinear Schrodinger equation (NLSE) for multi-mode fibers. The basis, which we introduce, by electromagnetic field expansion, for waveguide modes, depends on a waveguide(More)