S. B. Kuz'minykh

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The membrane of frog auricle trabecula was studied by the method of potential fixation. On the basis of the records of ionic currents zyro-isoclines of approximative differential equations of the 2nd order, describing the membrane studied, were plotted. The mathematical model of this membrane was analysed with the help of qualitative methods of the(More)
The influence of microionophoretically applied dopamine and dibutyril cAMP on the background and glutamate-evoked spike activity of neostriatum neurons was studied in acute experiments on rats immobilized by d-tubocurarine. The mean rate, stationarity, interspike interval histograms and autocorrelation functions for extracellularly recorded spike activity(More)
During acute experiments on rats immobilized with d-tubocurarine, the effects were compared of microiontophoretically applied dopamine and dibutyryl cAMP on background and glutamate-induced spike activity of neostriatalneurons. The algorithm of the analysis of extracellularly recorded spike activity included the plotting of a graph of mean frequency,(More)
A method is suggested which allows the electroneurogram from a bundle of nerve fibers or nerve trunks to be recorced on an ink-writing or other kind of instrument with electromagnetic heads having the usual frequency response of up to about 100 cycles per second. For this purpose rectification and integration of the signals of the neurogram was carried out(More)
The article reviews the literature data and results obtained by the authors concerning synaptic plasticity and remodeling of synaptic organelles in the central nervous system. Modern techniques of laser scanning confocal microscopy and serial thin sectioning for in vivo and in vitro studies of dendritic spines including a correlation between morphological(More)
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