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The focal microflora of pyo-inflammatory processes has been studied in dynamics in 200 patients with diabetes mellitus. It was found that a longer and more severe course was due to the changed specific composition of causative agents and to the increased specific diversity of the latter in the process of pyo-inflammatory progressing. It was established that(More)
The analysis on clinical material and the use of experimental models allowed to prove the role of anticarnosine activity of staphylococci in their persistence. Light and electronic microscopy revealed large destruction of ultrastructural eukaryote components and decreased proliferative activity in animals challenged with strains characterized by high(More)
AIM To assess antipersistence characteristics of synthetic antioxidants belonging to class of triterpenoids. MATERIALS AND METHODS Synthetic antioxidants synthesized in the Institute of Organic Chemistry of Russian Academy of Science and belonging to class of triterpenoids were used in the study. Antioxidant activity of compounds was assessed by(More)
The anticarnosine activity has been found to be widely spread among bacteria, the degree of its manifestation depending on the source of isolation. The fact that anticarnosine activity plays a certain role in the phenomenon of persistence has been proved on the model of experimental staphylococcal infection in rats.
The detection rate of the antilactoferrin sign and the level of its manifestation in 165 strains of different microbial species, isolated from patients with inflammatory diseases and intestinal dysbacteriosis, were analyzed. The detection rate of antilactoferrin activity was 43 - 90% for Escherichia coli strains, 20 - 86% for Staphylococcus aureus, 60 -(More)
AIM To substantiate the possibility to use the biological characteristics of microorganism, in particular, factors of its persistence, for assessment of severity of trophic ulcers of lower extremities. MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical examinations and bacteriological tests of 48 patients aged from 37 to 80 years with trophic ulcer of lower limbs were(More)
In 1996-1999, a total of 8400 children living in 6 towns and 22 districts of the Orenburg Region were surveyed for resident Staphylococcus carriage. There was a relationship between the ambient air pollution, total morbidity due to respiratory diseases, and criterion Staphylococcus carriage. It has been found that resident Staphylococcus carriage determined(More)
The species composition and biological properties of microflora isolated from 42 patients with acute inflammatory pulmonary and pleural diseases were studied. A wide spectrum of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms was detected. Infective agents causing severe course of the infectious process were found to have a high level of persistence properties.
The study of species and biology of microflora isolated from 42 patients with chronic adnexitides has detected a wide spectrum of pathological agents among which both aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms were encountered. The isolated cultures were examined for ability to inactivate lysozyme, complement and lactoferrin. The experiments have established(More)
Comparative assessment of information value of significant persistent characteristics of staphylococci in state of carriage was made, and the usefulness of these characteristics for creating diagnostic models was defined. One hundred and fifty strains of Staphylococcus aureus and S. epidermidis isolated from healthy persons with subsequent differentiation(More)