S. B. Isabekova

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An experimental device--Thermogradient--for studying the behaviour of small animals under various thermal conditions has been described. Constructive circuit of thermoplates and principal circuits of thermoregulator and test thermometer are given. The device provides using of various combinations of temperature gradients and carrying out prolonged(More)
A device designed to determine the position of a biological object within the experimental field used to investigate behavioral reactions has been described. By means of light sources focusing the photodetector objective lens the square experimental field is divided into 9 equal sections. The movement of an animal in question from one section of the(More)
Two types of evoked potentials are recorded in the tectum mesencephali in response to electrical stimulation of the forebrain surface of the turtleEmys orbicularis. The results of a layer-by-layer analysis show that evoked potentials of type I in response to stimulation of the hippocampal and piriform cortex are generated outside the tectum. Evoked(More)
We discovered an enhancing effect of background illumination on amplitude and total duration of electrical reactions of the tectum of the midbrain and pallial thickening in response to a flash and electrical stimulation of the optic nerve. This effect is analogous to the phenomenon of photic potentiation known for the visual system of mammals. Changes of(More)
The dynamics of cerebral blood flow and oxygen available were studied in alert Middle Asia tortoises at high and low body temperatures. Local and total cerebral blood flow and oxygen available were found to depend on heating or cooling of the tortoise. Alterations in the values of cerebral blood and oxygen supply, pH value of the arterial blood sand packed(More)
The study of the neurophysiological mechanisms of vasomotor control is becoming an increasingly popular subject for r e sea r ch . Interest is par t icu lar ly great in the study of vascular responses to t emper ature s t imulat ion. An important role in the mechanism of vasomotor responses is played by sympathetic postganglionic f ibers contained in var(More)
Impulse activity of single postganglionic fibres in the sural nerve induced by thermal stimulation of skin of the contralateral hind limb was studied in the cat. The frequency of the impulse activity of these fibres increased in response to cooling and increased or decreased in response to heating= It is supposed that the sural nerve contains not only(More)
The role of the parietal and that of the lateral eyes in mediating heat and light impacts on total cerebral blood flow (TCBF) was studied in the lizard. A reduction in the TCBF in response to heat and light effects occurred under control conditions. An extirpation of the parietal eye and screening of the lateral eyes modified the responses of the vascular(More)
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