S B Braverman

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Although several monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) have been reported that recognize antigens present in ganglion cells of the mammalian retina, these MAbs do not cross-react in the goldfish. In the current study we have identified a MAb that recognized a 14.4 kDa antigen that is present on the ganglion cells in the retinae of goldfish but is absent from the(More)
Four stable IgM monoclonal antibody-producing hybridomas were generated by fusing mouse myeloma cells with spleen lymphocytes from C57BL/6 mice hyperimmunized against the syngeneic B16 melanoma. All four monoclonal antibodies (R31/15, R37/4, R37/6, and R37/7), in common with polyclonal antiserum from immunized mice, recognized antigens on the same complex(More)
A B16 melanoma clone and four derived subclones exhibiting markedly different tumorigenic and metastatic potentials in young C57BL/6 mice were investigated comparatively to determine relative immunogenicities and capacities to induce humoral and cell-mediated immune responses following subcutaneous injection. All five populations stimulated some production(More)
Normal, regenerating, and developing optic nerves of the goldfish were studied utilizing a monoclonal antibody (mAb) 1E1T which has specificity for Müller cells in the retina, radial glial cells in the tectum, and non-neuronal cells in the optic nerve. Sections of the normal optic nerve revealed longitudinally oriented chains of non-neuronal cells, that(More)
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