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— The large scale content distribution systems were improved broadly using the replication techniques. The demanded contents can be brought closer to the clients by multiplying the source of information geographically, which in turn reduce both the access latency and the network traffic. The system scalability can be improved by distributing the load across(More)
In P2P systems, large volumes of data are declustered naturally across a large number of peers. But it is very difficult to control the initial data distribution because every user has the freedom to share any data with other users. The system scalability can be improved by distributing the load across multiple servers which is proposed by replication. The(More)
In this short position paper, we will describe the intersecting properties of Semantic Web Services (SWS) and DHT-based Peer-to-Peer networks (DHT-P) and then propose an integrated architecture, which utilizes each other's properties to solve their respective problems. Finally, we go beyond the architecture and list some open issues for effective deployment(More)
The ovulation inducing activity of Navachara Chunnam was carried out in rats. Two doses of Navachara Chunnam (NC – 25 and NC – 50 mg/kg body weight) were selected for experiment. Before the experimental study, oestrous cycle of all the experimental rats were synchronized by the administration of 100μg estradiol on the first day followed by the(More)
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