S. Avvakumov

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This Letter reports results from the MINOS experiment based on its initial exposure to neutrinos from the Fermilab NuMI beam. The rates and energy spectra of charged current nu(mu) interactions are compared in two detectors located along the beam axis at distances of 1 and 735 km. With 1.27 x 10(20) 120 GeV protons incident on the NuMI target, 215 events(More)
We study conditions under which a finite simplicial complex K can be mapped to d-dimensional Euclidean space R d without higher-multiplicity intersections. An almost r-embedding is a map f : K → R d such that the images of any r pairwise disjoint simplices of K do not have a common point. We show that if r is not a prime power and d ≥ 2r, then there is a(More)
The Main Injector Neutrino Oscillation Search (MINOS) experiment uses an accelerator-produced neutrino beam to perform precision measurements of the neutrino oscillation parameters in the " atmospheric neutrino " sector associated with muon neutrino disappearance. This long-baseline experiment measures neutrino interactions in Fermilab's NuMI neutrino beam(More)
We present new parameterizations of vector and axial nucleon form factors. We maintain an excellent descriptions of the form factors at low momentum transfers, where the spatial structure of the nucleon is important, and use the Nachtman scaling variable ξ to relate elastic and inelastic form factors and impose quark-hadron duality constraints at high(More)
The NuTeV experiment has performed precision measurements of the ratio of neutral-current to charged-current cross-sections in high rate, high energy neutrino and anti-neutrino beams on a dense, primarily steel, target. The separate neutrino and anti-neutrino beams, high statistics, and improved control of other experimental system-atics, allow the(More)
The NuTeV experiment has obtained a unique high statistics sample of neutrino and antineutrino interactions using its high-energy sign-selected beam. Charged-current ν and ν differential cross sections are extracted. Neutrino-Iron structure functions, F2(x, Q 2) and xF3(x, Q 2), are determined by fitting the y-dependence of the differential cross sections.(More)
Preliminary results from next-to-leading order strange sea fits to the NuTeV's deep inelastic scattering charged-current dimuon cross section data are presented. Preliminary neutrino and antineutrino inclusive charged-current differential cross sections and preliminary structure function F2(x, Q 2) are presented.
The NuTeV Collaboration has extracted the electroweak parameter sin(2)theta(W) from the measurement of the ratios of neutral current to charged current nu and (-)nu cross sections. Our value, sin(2)theta((on-shell))(W) = 0.2277 +/- 0.0013(stat) +/- 0.0009(syst), is 3 standard deviations above the standard model prediction. We also present a model(More)
A search for neutral heavy leptons (NHLs) has been performed using an instrumented decay channel at the NuTeV (E-815) experiment at Fermilab. The data were examined for NHLs decaying into muonic nal states (, ee, , and); no evidence has been found for NHLs in the 0.25-2.0 GeV mass range. This analysis places limits on the mixing of NHLs with standard light(More)
We report the measurement of sin 2 W in ? N deep inelastic scattering from the NuTeV experiment. Using separate neutrino and anti-neutrino beams, NuTeV is able to determine sin 2 W with low systematic errors by measuring the Paschos-Wolfenstein variable R ? , a ratio of diierences of neutrino and anti-neutrino neutral-current and charged-current(More)