S. Aubin

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We present here a prototype Web search engine with 1) a fuzzy lexical access to the list of simple and compound indexing terms, 2) a simplified, symmetric and powerful statistical expansion dialogue, 3) a cartographic applet for analyzing and browsing the results, 4) a multilingual and multiwritings extension, based on a N-grams coding scheme. The neural(More)
The ability to improve in speed and accuracy as a result of repeating some task is an important hallmark of intelligent biological systems. Although gradual behavioral improvements from practice have been modeled in spiking neural networks, few such models have attempted to explain cognitive development of a task as complex as addition. In this work, we(More)
The Neural Engineering Framework (NEF) and Semantic Pointer Architecture (SPA) provide the theoretical underpinnings of the neural simulation environment Nengo. Nengo has recently been used to build Spaun, a state-of-the-art, large-scale neural model that performs motor, perceptual, and cognitive functions with spiking neurons (Eliasmith et al., 2012). In(More)
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