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Tyrothricin, an antimicrobial peptide combination produced by Bacillus brevis consisting of gramicidins and tyrocidins commands broad antimicrobial activity against gram-positive bacteria and some yeasts in vitro. The polypeptide and its components have been used therapeutically for about 60 years in the local treatment of infected skin and infected(More)
BACKGROUND Topical preparations are a common treatment for superficial acute wounds, which at the least do not interfere with healing and ideally result in enhanced wound healing irrespective of microbial colonization. OBJECTIVE To examine the effects of a topical antimicrobial gel and its vehicle on the wound healing of standardized, superficial(More)
The only saponin drug currently prescribed in any significant amount in monotherapy medicines is ivy. This post-marketing surveillance study (PMSS) aimed at investigating the tolerability and safety of film-coated tablets containing ivy leaves dry extract (extracting medium: ethanol 30%, DER 5-7.5:1 [Prospan® Cough Tablets]) under practice conditions.(More)
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