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CERN Recently SCRAM (Software Configuration And Management) has been adopted by the applications area of the LHC computing grid project as baseline configuration management and build support infrastructure tool. SCRAM is a software engineering tool, that supports the configuration management and management processes for software development. It resolves the(More)
The efficient exploitation of worldwide distributed storage and computing resources available in the grids require a robust, transparent and fast deployment of experiment specific software. The approach followed by the CMS experiment at CERN in order to enable Monte-Carlo simulations, data analysis and software development in an international collaboration(More)
In this paper, we outline a vision for constructing adaptive, self-organizing mobile ad-hoc networks using a COTS communications platform. Defense Technologies, Inc (DTI) has created an efficient data link communications platform on which adaptive, self-organizing network structures can be explored for autonomous C2 applications. We cite specifics about(More)
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