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BACKGROUND Music played during endoscopic procedures may alleviate anxiety and improve patient acceptance of the procedure. A prospective randomized, controlled trial was undertaken to determine whether music decreases the requirement for midazolam during colonoscopy and makes the procedure more comfortable and acceptable. METHODS Patients undergoing(More)
Support vector machines (SVMs) are hyperplane classifiers defined in a kernel induced feature space. The data size dependent training time complexity of SVMs usually prohibits its use in applications involving more than a few thousands of data points. In this paper, we propose a novel kernel based incremental data clustering approach and its use for scaling(More)
Documents which are published both online and offline are considered to be the primary source of information. Astonishing growth of documentation and communication systems tends to flood these pools of information sources with enormous amount of documents. In such a scenario, it is critical to envisage algorithms and methodologies that can convert these(More)