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Although muscle power is an important factor affecting independence in older adults, there is no inexpensive or convenient test to quantify power in this population. Therefore, this pilot study examined whether regression equations for evaluating muscle power in older adults could be derived from a simple chair-rise test. We collected data from a 30-second(More)
An emerging area of research in engineering psychology is the evaluation of text entry for mobile devices using a small number of keys for the control of cursor direction and character selection from a matrix of characters (i.e., selection-based data entry). The present article describes a software tool designed to reduce time and effort in the development(More)
Short-term load forecasting is crucial for the operations planning of an electrical grid. Forecasting the next 24 h of electrical load in a grid allows operators to plan and optimize their resources. The purpose of this study is to develop a more accurate short-term load forecasting method utilizing non-linear autoregressive artificial neural networks (ANN)(More)
We present a new methodology to measure the running biomechanics of amputees. This methodology combines the use of a spring-mass model and symmetry index, two standard techniques in biomechanics literature, but not yet used in concert to evaluate amputee biomechanics. The methodology was examined in the context of a pilot study to examine two transtibial(More)
During the braking action, the kinetic energy produced at the wheel is transformed into heat energy, which doesn’t dissipate fast enough into the air stream from the brake to the brake disk; as a result, the thermal conductivity plays a critical role in handling such heat generated. Thermal judder, which is a result of non-uniform contact cycles between the(More)
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