S. Arya

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In recent days, there is more interest in discovering multi dimensional relationship among item sets rather than frequent pattern sets for applications in specific domains viz. identification of irregularities in stock marketing, assessing the causes in certain diseases, identifying irregularities in farming system etc. This paper focuses on the mining of(More)
Biometric has revolutionized the Human Recognition Technology. The base and reach of human recognition system has been expanded by the innovative uses of Biometric devices. Human recognition have becomes one of the most well-off fields in the past ten years. Biometrics is the science of establishing the identity of an individual based on physical, chemical(More)
From the past few decades the security system industry has grown rapidly. Every year there is an increased demand for more precise, accurate and full proof security systems. Designing flawless advance security system involves complex parameters and the most important one is the image. This has attracted researchers in the field of Face Recognition (FR). Due(More)
Recently, frequent pattern mining (FPM) has become one of the most popular data mining approaches for various applications such as education, medical, farming, analysis of sale and purchase patterns etc. Apriori algorithm [11] and FP growth algorithm are working efficiently in data mining. These algorithms are typically restricted to a single concept level(More)
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