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We analyze the AlApana of a Carnatic music piece without the prior knowledge of the singer or the rAga. AlApana is ameans to communicate to the audience, the flavor or the bhAva of the rAga through the permitted notes and its phrases. The input to our analysis is a recording of the vocal AlApana along with the accompanying instrument. The AdhAra shadja(base(More)
Classically, the perceptual auditory dimensions have been studied independently. Signal characteristics of intensity, fundamental frequency and spectral distribution have been attributed to loudness, pitch and timbre in perception. The interaction amongst these component dimensions has been studied to some extent and certain perceptual studies bring out the(More)
In this paper, the effect of time-varying pitch-glides on timbre perception of vowels is studied experimentally. While earlier studies show that stationary pitch is observed to be a significant dimension of timbre, we explore the effect of non-stationary pitch changes on the perception of vowel timbre using synthesized vowels. In each trial, three listeners(More)
Faster and more reliable connection establishment is the primary purpose of periodic safety broadcasting in VANETs. For this purpose we propose a sublayer in the application layer to increase the reliability of safety applications. Our proposed method uses several rebroadcasting schemes safety messages, which considerably improves the overall reliability.(More)
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