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We present and compare in this paper new photometric redshift catalogs of the galaxies in three public fields: the NTT Deep Field, the HDF–N and the HDF–S. In the case of the NTT Deep Field, we present here a new photometric catalog, obtained by combining the existing BVrI and JKs with new deep U observations acquired with NTT-SUSI2, and which includes also(More)
Context. Photometric redshifts (photo-z's) have become an essential tool in extragalactic astronomy. Many current and upcoming observing programmes require great accuracy of photo-z's to reach their scientific goals. Aims. Here we introduce PHAT, the PHoto-z Accuracy Testing programme, an international initiative to test and compare different methods of(More)
Turkey immunoglobulin (Ig) isotypes IgG and IgM were isolated from blood and IgA was isolated from bile. Isolation was accomplished by gel filtration of the ammonium sulphate cut on Sephacryl S-200. Using immunoelectrophoresis and indirect ELISA, the cross-reactivity between antibodies, of monoclonal and polyclonal origin, specific for the Ig isotypes of(More)
In this study, the effect of dietary antioxidants on the plasma oxidative status of growing birds fed a diet rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids was investigated. One-day-old broilers were fed for 42 days a diet containing 4% linseed oil and supplemented with single plant extracts rich in antioxidants (natural tocopherols, rosemary, grape seed, green tea,(More)
The effects of a long term partial food restriction were studied in chickens and rats. In chickens the treatment resulted in increased plasma T4 levels while T4 levels in rats remained unchanged. Plasma T3 decreased in both species. In vitro hepatic outer ring deiodinating type I (ORD-I) activity was not influenced by the food restriction, suggesting that(More)
The effect of orally administered beta-glucans in protecting pigs against an ETEC infection after weaning was analysed in this study. Three beta-glucans that differed in origin (Saccharomyces cerevisiae (MCG (Macrogard) and G2) or Sclerotium rolfsii (G3)) and/or extraction procedure were tested. Pigs fed for 2 weeks after weaning with these glucans were(More)
Natural tocopherols (TC), rosemary (RO), green tea (GT), grape seed, and tomato extracts were supplemented in single and in combinations at total concentrations of 100 and 200 mg.kg(-1) of feed in a 4% linseed oil-containing diet to investigate the oxidative stability of broiler breast muscle. Supplementation with 300 mg.kg(-)1 of synthetic antioxidants(More)
We follow the galaxy stellar mass assembly by morphological and spectral type in the COSMOS 2-deg 2 field. We derive the stellar mass functions and stellar mass densities from z = 2 to z = 0.2 using 192,000 galaxies selected at F 3.6µm > 1µJy with accurate photometric redshifts (σ (z phot −zspec)/(1+zspec) ∼ 0.012). Using a spectral classification, we find(More)
To understand the evolution of galaxies, we need to know as accurately as possible how many galaxies were present in the Universe at different epochs. Galaxies in the young Universe have hitherto mainly been identified using their expected optical colours, but this leaves open the possibility that a significant population remains undetected because their(More)