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There are numerous programs ongoing to analyze environmental exposure of humans to xenobiotic chemicals via biomonitoring measurements (e.g.: EU ESBIO, COPHES; US CDC NHANES; Canadian Health Measures Survey). The goal of these projects is to determine relative trends in exposure to chemicals, across time and subpopulations. Due to the lack of data, there is(More)
OBJECTIVES Terameprocol (M4N, EM-1421) is a novel transcription inhibitor that selectively interferes with HPV viral genes E6/E7 with Sp1-dependent promoters, and induces apoptosis by inactivation of the CDC2/cyclin B complex (maturation promoting factor) and production and phosphorylation of survivin. This trial was designed to define the maximum tolerated(More)
Injuries and activities associated with injuries were extracted from a retrospective review of the medical records of officers attending the U.S. Army War College during academic years 1999 and 2000 (AY99 and AY00). In AY99, cumulative injury incidence (officers with one or more injuries) was 56%. The next year (AY00), there was command emphasis on injury(More)
This paper presented the complete process of re–en-gineering a relational database NEONS to an object– oriented database ObjNEONS. The mapping of the rela-tional schema to an object–oriented schema using domain information was discussed. An application program on ObjNEONS called Grid Data Browser, a general purpose user interface for grid data, was(More)
A number of studies have found an association between what people see, hear and read in the mass media and their corresponding actions and beliefs. This link has been demonstrated both at the micro and at the macro levels of analysis. However, when people are asked directly about the impact of mass media they tend to deny that they are personally affected.(More)
Introduction. A number of new technologies including cervical cancer screening and vaccination have introduced new tools in the fight against cervical cancer. Methods. This study was set in Odisha, India, at the Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Center and study research infrastructure at the Asian Institute of Public Health. IRB approvals were obtained and a(More)
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