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Texture analysis such as segmentation and classification plays a vital role in computer vision and pattern recognition and is widely applied to many areas such as industrial automation, bio-medical image processing and remote sensing. This paper describes a novel technique of feature extraction for characterization and segmentation of texture at multiple(More)
Texture classification has long been an important research topic in image processing. Now a days classification based on wavelet transform is being very popular. Wavelets are very effective in representing objects with isolated point singularities, but failed to represent line singularities. Recently, ridgelet transform which deal effectively with line(More)
The computer vision strategies used to recognize a fruit rely on four basic features which characterize the object: intensity, color, shape and texture. This paper proposes an efficient fusion of color and texture features for fruit recognition. The recognition is done by the minimum distance classifier based upon the statistical and co-occurrence features(More)
Automatic target recognition (ATR) involves processing images for detecting, classifying, and tracking targets embedded in a background scene. This paper presents an algorithm for detecting a specified set of target objects embedded in visual images for an ATR application. The developed algorithm employs a novel technique for automatically detecting(More)
Gabor wavelets have been successfully applied for a variety of machine vision applications such as Texture segmentation, Edge detection, Boundary detection etc. As the Fourier transform is not suitable for detecting local defects , and the Wavelet transforms posses only limited number of orientations, Gabor wavelet transform is chosen and applied to detect(More)