S. Areepongsa

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In this paper, the image retrieval system that provides an efficient retrieval, management and transmission of selected image(s) from the database is proposed. The key point of research is utilizing steganographic technique to achieve the efficient use of resources by embedding attributes into the image contents. To avoid the degradation of image quality,(More)
This approach inserts a hidden steganographic message into a base layer transmission of a zerotree based wavelet coder [4], [5]. The message is hidden in sign/bit values of insignificant children of the detail subbands in nonsmooth regions of the image. The HC-RIOT coder is used to determine what regions of the image that the message can be embedded in. The(More)
In this paper, rotation, translation and luminance invariant features for texture image retrieval are investigated. The features are derived based on the statistical (standard deviation and shape parameter) distribution of the transform coefficients extracted from each steerable pyramid subband. By utilizing the proposed invariant features, the similarity(More)
In this paper, the investigation on using the ZTE /modified SPIHT wavelet based compression algorithm for the image retrieval system is presented. As ZTE/modified SPIHT algorithm codes an image into multi-layer bitstreams, the base layer and enhancement layer bitstreams, it provides superior benefits to the retrieval system compared to other compression(More)
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