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EcoP1I DNA MTase (M.EcoP1I), an N(6)-adenine MTase from bacteriophage P1, is a part of the EcoP1I restriction-modification (R-M) system which belongs to the Type III R-M system. It recognizes the sequence 5'-AGACC-3' and methylates the internal adenine. M.EcoP1I requires Mg(2+) for the transfer of methyl groups to DNA. M.EcoP1I is shown to exist as dimer in(More)
We study the characteristics of stochastic resonance (SR) in the Duffing oscillator with three types of asymmetries in its double-well potential. The asymmetries controlled by a parameter α are introduced in the potential by varying (i) the depth of the left-well alone, (ii) the location of the minimum of the left-well alone and (iii) both depth and(More)
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