S. Anne Moorhead

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BACKGROUND There is currently a lack of information about the uses, benefits, and limitations of social media for health communication among the general public, patients, and health professionals from primary research. OBJECTIVE To review the current published literature to identify the uses, benefits, and limitations of social media for health(More)
OBJECTIVE To review the current published available research into the impact of voice training on the vocal quality of professional voice users, to provide implications for vocal health and recommendations for further research. DESIGN Literature review with a systematic approach. METHODS A systematic search of the literature was conducted using(More)
The consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with increased incidence of overweight and obesity, and a factor underlying this putative link could be the relatively low levels of satiety that may be induced by these beverages. Although many sugar-sweetened beverages are carbonated, little attention has been given to the potential effects of(More)
BACKGROUND Within the last decade there has been a growth in the call-centre industry in the UK, with a growing awareness of the voice as an important tool for successful communication. Occupational voice problems such as occupational dysphonia, in a business which relies on healthy, effective voice as the primary professional communication tool, may(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the effect of a pilot intervention to promote clinician-patient communication about physical activity on patient ratings of their perceived competence for physical activity and their clinicians' autonomy-supportiveness. METHODS Family medicine clinicians (n=13) at two urban community health centers were randomized to early or delayed(More)
Obesity is on the increase worldwide and is a major global public health problem. In an increasingly obesogenic environment, it’s important that health professionals are equipped to identify and address obesity issues within their clinical practice. As part of the Weight Care Project, the aim of this study was to explore the obesity-related communication(More)
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