S. Anitha

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An analysis of the reaction diffusion in a carrier-mediated transport process through a membrane is presented. A simple approximate analytical expression of concentration profiles is derived in terms of all dimensionless parameters. Furthermore, in this work we employ the homotopy perturbation method to solve the nonlinear reaction–diffusion equations.(More)
We present a case of maxillary sinusitis caused by Schizophyllum commune, in a 50-year-old female. The patient presented with nasal obstruction, purulent nasal discharge from right side of the nose, cough, headache, and sneezing. Computed tomography revealed extensive opacity of the right maxillary sinus as well as erosion of the nasal wall and maxillary(More)
– This paper presents a comparison of segmentation methods. The segmentation methods are time domain features and frequency domain features. The time domain features are short time energy, short time zero crossing rate. The frequency domain features are spectral centroid and spectral flux. After features are extracted, a simple thresholding method is used(More)
Ubiquitous Computing is considered to be as the new technology era which is exploring different ways to allow smart devices to function without need for user effort and awareness. Ubiquitous systems are designed to be available and accessible from anywhere. Ubiquitous Computing for shopping giving a new way of providing shopping standard and offers Smarter(More)
In this paper, Non-subsampled medical image fusion is a unique tool, which develops many imaging techniques in medical field. The main work is to capture the information from different image sources and convert them into single output. Two different fusion rules like phase congruency and directive contrast are introduced. The work was discussed based on the(More)
Computer Graphics, an emerging field is widely used in CAD, entertainment, animation, education and training, graphical user interface, etc., Polygon clipping which is one among the indispensable operations in Geographic Information Systems and Very Large Scale Integration that selects particular regions of a 2D object interior to a window of rectangle or(More)
Email is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients. Email communication is responsible for spreading the majority of virtual infections and poses one of the greatest security risks for companies today. Furthermore, unprotected email messaging also violates compliance regulations in terms of sending highly sensitive(More)
Automatic visual inspection is the backbone of any manufacturing industry. Manual inspections of textile fabrics are ineffective due to the fatigue and speed requirement. The Gabor wavelets network provides an effective way to analyze the input images and to extract the fabric features. This paper addresses the functionality of Gabor Wavelet with(More)
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