S. Anders Brandt

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Recent advances in electrophysiological techniques have created new tools for the acquisition and storage of neuronal activity recorded simultaneously with numerous electrodes. These techniques support the analysis of the function as well as the structure of individual electrogenic cells in the context of surrounding neuronal or cardiac network.(More)
  • Anders Brandt, Östman-Dr Anders, Bo Malmström, Maryam Kordi, Stig-Göran Mårtensson, Anders Östman +3 others
  • 2008
There are a number of decision making problems in which Geographical Information System (GIS) has employed to organize and facilitate the procedure of analyzing the problem. These GIS-based decision problems which typically include a number of different criteria and alternatives are generally analyzed by Multicriteria Decision Analysis (MCDA).Different(More)
Scale is a fundamental concept that has attracted persistent attention in geography literature over the past several decades. However, it creates enormous confusion and frustration, particularly in the context of geographic information science, because of scale-related issues such as image resolution and the modifiable areal unit problem (MAUP). This paper(More)
The salt-tolerant green microalga Dunaliella salina can survive both hyper- and hypo-osmotic shock. Upon osmotic shock, the cells transiently and rapidly decreased or increased in size within minutes and slowly over hours acquired their original cell size and volume. Cell size distribution differs significantly in the cultures grown in the salinity range(More)
Teaching the topic of structural dynamics in any engineering field is a true challenge due to the wide span of the underlying subjects like mathematics, mechanics (both rigid-body and continuum mechanics), numerical analysis, random data analysis and physical understanding. In this article we present a pedagogi-cal example of using experimental modal(More)
The construction of dams and hydro-power stations are some of the most common anthropogenic changes of watercourses and rivers. While being important to humans and society by providing electricity, these obstructions of watercourses can have severe consequences for the aquatic ecosystems. One consequence is that dams often hinder the important movement of(More)
China has the largest population and the fastest growing economy in the world. The general public's demand for health is rising promptly with the improvement of the living standard. However, the limited and unbalanced medical resources have caused the prominent problems of the society, even in the capital city Beijing, the new hospital constructions with(More)
  • Matthias Philipp, Emmanuel Baccelli, Anders Brandt, Hristo Valev, Jakob Buron
  • 2012
In order to bulletproof the P2P-RPL specification currently in the works, interoper-ability testing of two independent implementations have been carried out. This document reports the tests that were performed and the bugs that were detected in the specification and their fixing. The updated P2P-RPL specification taking into account this bulletproofing was(More)