S. Amir Hosseini

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—The acute disparity between increasing bandwidth demand and available spectrum, has brought millimeter wave (mmW) bands to the forefront of candidate solutions for the next-generation cellular networks. Highly directional transmissions are essential for cellular communication in these frequencies to compensate for high isotropic path loss. This reliance on(More)
—The millimeter wave (mmWave) bands have recently attracted considerable interest for next-generation cellular systems due to the massive spectrum at these frequencies. However, a key challenge in designing mmWave cellular systems is initial access – the procedure by which a mobile device establishes an initial link-layer connection to a base station cell.(More)
In this work, we provide a methodology to analyze optimal adaptation policies for scalable video delivery in mobile environments. Typically, download policies for adaptive video are tuned to very specific system settings. The aim of this work is not to propose a new policy, but instead to understand how the optimal policy changes according to the operating(More)
The rapid growth of multimedia consumption has triggered technical, economic, and business innovations that improve the quality and accessibility of content. It has also opened new markets , promising large revenues for industry players. However, new technologies also pose new questions regarding the legal aspects of content delivery, which are often(More)
—In this paper, we present an approach for joint rate allocation and quality selection for a novel video streaming scheme called streamloading. Streamloading is a recently developed method for delivering high quality video without violating copyright enforced restrictions on content access for video streaming. In regular streaming services, content(More)
—A growing trend for information technology is to not just react to changes, but as much as possible anticipate them. This paradigm made modern solutions such as recommendation systems a ubiquitous presence in today's digital transactions. Anticipatory networking extends the idea to communication technologies by studying patterns and periodicity in human(More)
—A great deal of research energy has been focused on the challenge of delivering high-quality video content to mobile users. In many over-the-top video services, however, the scheduler responsible for channel resource allocation is not aware of content characteristics or playback schedules at end user devices. Therefore, it cannot allocate physical(More)
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