S. Amier Haider Shah

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Many financial institutions have deployed CAPTCHAs to protect their services (e.g., e-banking) from automated attacks. In addition to CAPTCHAs for login, CAPTCHAs are also used to prevent malicious manipulation of e-banking transactions by automated Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attackers. Despite serious financial risks, security of e-banking CAPTCHAs is(More)
SMS/Multimedia messages are one of the popular ways of communication. Sending an SMS/MMS is cheap, fast and simple. Because of mobile networks attack or smartphones hackers, the GSM networks are not secure, so that all information or SMS/MMS messages are vulnerable. This paper describe an android application that helps the user to encrypt the message(More)
  • Hazem M. El Bakry, Ali E. Taki, +7 authors Arfan Shaikh
  • 2016
Voice calls is a popular way of communication between persons. Making voice call is cheap, fast and simple. Because of mobile networks attack or smartphones hackers, telephone conversations are vulnerable. This paper presents an encryption scheme for Voice Calls. It helps the user to encrypt the voice call before transmitting it on the mobile network. The(More)
Aims. To study the factors associated with the DSH in the elderly group of 60 years and above and to recommend changes to be implemented in order to improve the management in this specific group. Materials and Methods. Five-year retrospective study was undertaken from July 2005 to July 2010 in the Plastic Surgery Department of the Royal Preston Hospital,(More)
Passwords play a big task in computer security to validate human users. Most of the online based application provides info regarding authentication system which includes character set passwords as well as graphical passwords. Graphical password plays a crucial role for user in security purpose of view. The existing system affords security for authentication(More)
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and state of art technology FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) can be used together to mitigate the potential threats of interception of Satellite data and unauthorized access to the Satellite System. This paper discusses the implementation and verification of AES algorithm on Virtex 4 FPGA and its usage in the(More)
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