S. Ali Saberali

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The problem of content delivery in caching networks is investigated for scenarios where multiple users request identical files. An adaptive method is proposed for the delivery of redundant demands in caching networks. Based on the redundancy pattern in the current demand vector, the proposed method decides between the transmission of uncoded messages or the(More)
The matched-filter detector is used to detect the presence of an MPSK signal in white Gaussian noise. The probabilities of detection and false alarm of the matched-filter detector are evaluated using Craig's method in terms of a simple one-fold integral. The matched-filter detector is compared to the optimal Bayesian detector whose performance is an upper(More)
Signal shadowing and multipath fading are two challenging phenomena in wireless communications. The goal of this thesis is to improve the statistical models and the mathematical tools required for description and analysis of some specific fading scenarios, namely lognormal shadowing, two-wave with diffuse power fading and diffuse Nakagami-m with(More)
The problem of determining the distribution of sums of (weighted) log-gamma random variables occurs in spectrum sensing for cognitive radio. An infinite series is derived for the characteristic function of log-gamma random variables. Some special cases are identified for which the infinite series can be represented in terms of some well-known functions,(More)
Coded caching is an effective technique to reduce the redundant traffic in wireless networks. The existing coded caching schemes require the splitting of files into a possibly large number of subfiles, i.e., they perform coded subfile caching. Keeping the files intact during the caching process would actually be appealing, broadly speaking because of its(More)
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