S. Alfonzetti

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An improved placement of the integration surface for the integral equation in the hybrid FEM-RBCI method is achieved by selecting such surface as lying in the middle of tetrahedral finite elements. A better accuracy is obtained with respect to the case in which the integration surface lies along the finite element faces.
Thin-film solar cells enable a strong reduction of the amount of silicon needed to produce photovoltaic panels but their efficiency lowers. Placing metallic or dielectric nanoparticles over the silicon substrate increases the light trapping into the panel thanks to the plasmonic scattering from nanoparticles at the surface of the cell. The goal of this(More)
This paper discusses some iterative solving strategies for open-boundary electromagnetic problems, in which the global algebraic system is partly sparse and partly dense. Three problems are considered: electrostatic, time-harmonic skin effect, and time-harmonic scattering in open-boundary domains. These problems are formulated, respectively, by means of the(More)
In the design of a grounding system, technical and normative constraints have to be met. Therefore, it is necessary to use a tool that is able to accurately estimate the values of the significant parameters of the grounding system, such as earth resistance and touch-and-step voltages. The computation of such quantities calls for the solution of a 3-D(More)
In this paper the authors consider a real-world set of cables on which Power Line Communication (PLC) signals are transmitted in the power distribution network of a ship. The electrical signals which convey PLC data are carried by unshielded cables and may therefore interact with the external environment and affect the functioning of other devices. On the(More)
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